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Monsters and ghouls and ghosts terrorizing a quaint little town. A self-aware toaster with intentions of serving up a slice of mischief. A mysterious mansion with an appetite for heirs unawares. These are just a sampling of stories you’ll find tucked away in the Library of Shadows. Join the peculiar Curator as he takes you through a dark and morbid history of the strange and supernatural.

#6: The Library of Shadows – The Darkest Date

Max and Fiona are two high school sweethearts who are enjoying the night of their lives, but that night is in danger of getting cut short when the darkness begins to roll in.   Starring: Aaron Burns as Max, Jacqueline Williams as Fiona, and Richard Dobbins as The Curator Story by: Jesse Harder Script by: Jesse Harder, with Aysel Atamdede, Keegan Pincombe, and… Read more →